Flexo cleaning products for flexo Offset industry

Cleaning solutions that instantly dissolves Water, UV and alcoholl baserad inks and dirt.

You can quickly clean anilox, doctor blades, rollers and other parts.

W 123 Anilox cleaner water

For daily cleaning of anilox rollers includes thixotropy (viscous) that effectively stay on roll and dissolves the ink deeply without splashing.

Rinse best with W 181, water or ethanol.

Available – liter

  • 5 l – product no: W15123005
  • 20 l – product no: W15123020

Ink baserad: Water

W 181 Anilox rinse water

Rinse liquid especially for W 123.

A mixture of water, ethanol and rinsing surfactant for fast and effective rinsing with instant drying.

Available – liter

  • 20 l – product no: W 900181020

Ink baserad: Water

W 500 Anilox cleaning gel

Cleans effectively and deeply dirty aniloxes. Powerful and removes the most. The gel consistency prevents it from splashes and splashes less when you use a brush.

Available – liter

  • 500 ml (6 X 500 ml in one box) – product no: W 900030
  • 5 l – product no: W 90003005

Ink baserad: Water, UV, alcohol

W 180 UV ink cleaner

Daily cleaning/rinsing of printing unit, anilox roller, doctor blade, printing plate. Dissolves efficient UV based ink and provides fast a clean surface.

Available – liter

  • 5 l – product no: W 900180005
  • 20 l – product no: W 900180020
  • 200 l – product no:  W 900180200

Ink baserad: UV

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