The quick and gentle cleaning process will leave the aniloxes totally clean and ready for immediate use after just 10-20 minutes cleaning without causing any wear or tear on the aniloxes. This makes it possible to keep your anilox rolls totally clean at all times ensuring a constant and high print quality and a long life time of the anilox rolls.

The Anilox Cleaners can clean all ink types.

Anilox Cleaning Models

The Flexo Wash Anilox Roll Cleaners are available in various sizes and configurations.

  • For anilox sleeves and smaller anilox rolls we offer a variety of microprocessor controlled machines for one or two aniloxes at a time. The microprocessor control allows various program settings like washing time, rotation speed and temperature.
  • For the larger anilox rolls Flexo Wash has a wide range of PLC controlled anilox roll cleaners.
  • The XL models will clean anilox rolls up to more than 4000 mm and diameters of 500 mm. The PLC control makes it possible to preset various washing programs for different types cleaning needs. These units can also be equipped with brushes making it possible to clean the surface and the shaft ends, which also makes it possible to wash print sleeves and gravure cylinders in the same machine.

Supplier: Flexo Wash (check website)

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