Lundberg Tech’s production-line high-value waste capturing and handling systems are well-known for:

  • continuous production-line capture og waste
  • continuous cutting
  • cutting waste to the size you want
  • ability to handle materials with open glue
  • no machine stops for removal of waste
  • reduced manpower for waste handling

Lundberg Tech can handle high-value item waste such as:

  • money
  • value coupons
  • etiquettes for medicine products
  • tickets
  • pictures

Lundberg Tech can provide waste handling of high-value items by:

Designing and installing central systems which can include specially designed funnels for the capture of valuewaste, granulators and cutters with hole screens giving waste of the size wanted, ventilators, separators, filters(also for returned air), a unit for the collection of the cut waste, an electrical control system complete with aconnected pipe system and full documentation.

Supplying “all-in-one” units which contain specially designed funnels for capturing waste web and waste stripand which can be built with a number of different single or double, manual or automatic units for the collection ofthe cut waste.


Supplier: Lundberg Tech (check website)

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