Lundberg Tech’s granulator and cutter are well-known for their:

  •     High cutting efficiency
  •     Ability to cut very thin materials, down to 5-10 micrometer
  •     Easy adjustability
  •     Very long lifetimes: granulators more than 25 years old are still operating
  •     Low maintenance costs

These features are ensured by:

  •     Own development and manufacture
  •     Centre axis on the rotor
  •     Special composites of hard metal on the cutting edges
  •     Multiple screws for adjusting the fixed blade

Cutter and graulator advantages:

Our Granulator and cutter product program features wide range of product advances that ensure an effective, block-free handling of waste material from trim and feed with high level of reliability and long durability.

Center Axles

Proven design minimizes friction and ensures a clean cut which results in cutting thinner material. The rotor is made in one piece for high stability and long lifetime.


One piece cast iron housing designed to increases airspeed and quiet cutting for superior efficiency.

Rotor Knives

Standard is 3 rotating knives of special harden metal for easy adjustment and effective cutting to smaller pieces for an easy clog-free conveying. 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 knifes design is available.

Adjustable Fixed Knife

Engineer precision use differential screws for setting and adjust fixed knife to rotor with a clearance of less than 10 micrometer.

Supplier: Lundberg Tech (check website)

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