These reliable tools for label manufacturers are recommended by many machine manufacturers  as reference tools. Leading machine manufacturers deploy these cylinders as original equipment in their printing presses. The cylinder bodies are made from aircraft grade aluminium or steel. Concentricity tolerances of less than .00024“ are achieved thanks to a precision surface finishing process.

If required, the cylinders can also be supplied with a hardened anodized coating to prevent damage.Horizontal and lineal positioning lines help to ensure that the print plate is mounted correctly. Cylinders with larger dimensions are manufactured as „lightweight cylinders“. To make these, flanges are press-fitted into an aluminium pipe. The quality is completely identical to solid tools, but the weight savings can be up to 75%, depending on the dimensions of the cylinder. The inner surface of letterpress printing cylinders, which are fitted on drive shafts, is of course coated with an anodized layer.00012“ (3 microns).

Supplier: Kocher+Beck (check website)


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