Kocher+Beck is one of the leading systems suppliers for narrow web label printing and has very precise knowledge of the requirements of customers with regard to quick availability and at the same time cost-effective purchasing of high-quality tools; this knowledge has been effectively implemented for the development and production of  TecScreen.

Stainless steel wire cloth in widths up to 1200 mm (47.25”) is used as the starting material. During various stages in a modern strip plating machine, the raw wire cloth is cleaned and degreased, surface-activated, Nickel-plated and coiled under a cleanroom atmosphere. The Nickel-plating increases the strength of the wire cloth and fastens the individual wires. Subsequently, the plated wire cloth is coated with a liquid photopolymer in the clean room in a multi-stage process and laminated with a transparent protective film. Very exacting tolerances in a range of a few microns apply in order to ensure uniform colour transfer in printing.

TecScreen is available in common roll widths. Special roll dimensions and sheets are cut to size at the request of the customer.

The TecScreen grades offered cover all common printing tasks and are available for all machine types on the market. The range of products includes wire cloth grades for the finest line and text work found in pharmaceutical labels and other areas. There are several grades with differing resolution and colour application quantity to choose from for the classic applications in screen printing, such as White background or the printing of decorative elements. Spot coating and the printing of relief varnishes are enabled with coarser grades. The TecScreen product range is also an appropriate solution for printing Braille and hazard symbols.

TecScreen  can be processed conventionally with films in a continuous printer, common digital UV imagesetters can also be used for imaging.

Supplier: Kocher+Beck (check website)

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