Flexo cleaning products for well/corrugated industry

Cleaning solutions that instantly dissolves Water, UV and alcoholl baserad inks and dirt.

You can quickly clean anilox, doctor blades, rollers and other parts.

W 123 Anilox cleaner water

For daily cleaning of anilox rollers includes thixotropy (viscous) that effectively stay on roll and dissolves the ink deeply without splashing.

Rinse best with W 181, water or ethanol.

Available – liter

  • 5 l – product no: W15123005
  • 20 l – product no: W15123020

Ink baserad: Water

W 181 Anilox rinse water

Rinse liquid especially for W 123.

A mixture of water, ethanol and rinsing surfactant for fast and effective rinsing with instant drying.

Available – liter

  • 20 l – product no: W 900181020

Ink baserad: Water

W 500 Anilox cleaning gel

Cleans effectively and deeply dirty aniloxes. Powerful and removes the most. The gel consistency prevents it from splashes and splashes less when you use a brush.

Available – liter

  • 500 ml (6 X 500 ml in one box) – product no: W 900030
  • 5 l – product no: W 90003005

Ink baserad: Water, UV, alcohol

W 2005 SC Water ink cleaner (Super concentrat)

Wasberger W2005 SC, a two-component super concentrate. Daily cleaning/rinsing of printing unit, anilox roller, doctor blade, printing plate and machine. Dissolves efficient water based ink and provides a fast, clean surface.

Available – liter

  • 5 l – product no: W 9002005 SC

Ink baserad: Water

For machine

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