Flexo Wash cleaning solutions


Flexo Wash offers a large variety of innovative and high-quality cleaning equipment to satisfy individual needs of printers worldwide. You can choose from all types of cleaning machines for both solvent and non-solvent cleaning liquids – and latest also laser cleaning units as a waste free alternative.

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Available equipment:


  • anilox cleaners for the label and flexographic industry
  • parts washing units – can be customized according to each customer’s specific needs
  • plate washing solutions for all segments of the labels and flexo industries – fully automatic plate washers available in all sizes, designed to wash flexographic polymer plates and letterpress plates very gently, leaving them 100% clean and dry, ready for immediate reuse or storage handling.
  • sleeves cleaners designed to clean all types of print sleeves and all types of inks
  • washing units for two types of screens: rotary screens and flat screens
  • single/double cylinder cleaning solution: for cleaning of less than 60 cylinders per day
  • multiple cylinder cleaning solution: for cleaning of more than 60 cylinders per day

Serving the flexo printing industry


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