TecScreen screen printing plates are made with high-quality nickel-coated stainless steel meshes, which guarantee durability and accuracy down to 0.01 mm. Our screens are reusable, which allows you to significantly save time and reduce costs.

Suitable for all rotary screen printing systems. TecScreen is available in common roll widths. Special roll dimensions and sheets are cut to size at the request of the customer.


The TecScreen grades cover all common printing tasks and are available for all machine types on the market. TecScreen can be processed conventionally with films in a conventional copying systems, or in digital UV exposure devices.

We provide full equipment for preparing the screens for use:

  • Silk Screen End Rings: high-quality end rings are used to clamp the mesh in the screen cylinder.
  • Mounting Device: assembly tower for attaching the screen cylinder to the end rings.
  • Welding Bar: welding bar makes it easy to weld the screen printing plate to a cylinder.
  • Drying Cabinets: unit optimized for drying the screen printing plate after washout.
  • Power Washer: screen printing plate washout unit.
  • Washout Frame: for holding the screen printing plate during washout.
  • Washout Booth: equipment for developing the exposed screen printing plate.
  • Screen Filler: sealant for open points on the screen printing plate.
  • Welding Thread: welding thread for welding the screen printing plate to a cylinder.
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive: adhesive for mounting the screen printing cylinder on the end rings.
  • Squeegee: modern squeegee system for a flawless print image.
  • Spatula with Hole: equipment for positioning the screen printing plate during welding.
  • Register Pin: equipment for positioning the film on the screen printing plate.
  • Aluminum Adhesive Tape: aluminum adhesive tape for extra adhesion between the screen mesh and ring.

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